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Patient satisfaction is very important to us.  Upon patient recommendation, we try to improve ourselves to offer the best possible care.  Please find some recent patient testimonials below.

It will be four months in a week or so since I had hip replacement surgery at your clinic. My recovery has been amazing! No noticeable pain whatsoever from day 1. I am regularly walking 6 miles in 110 minutes and feeling no discomfort. I am working with an athletic therapist in Edmonton and continuing to do the stretching exercises I have been given. She has been really, really impressed with my progress.

To the surgical team, the nurses, and the support staff, I offer a heartfelt “Thank you!” for the friendly and superb service I received. I have already recommended your services to several people and will continue to do so! I will never regret my decision to have the needed surgery there.

Thanks for allowing me to be one of your success stories!


“I had a total hip replacement in June 2023. Dr Vendittoli and his team did the surgery. The surgery and recovery went perfectly. My physiotherapist, who has many years experience and specializes in hip and knee replacement therapy, remarked that she had never seen such a small surgical incision. The care at the clinic, both pre- and post- op, was very attentive and caring. I left the clinic the morning after the surgery and felt that I made the best decision for my health and recovery. I can’t imagine doing better.”

August 28, 2023

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“All of the staff were attentive, kind and caring, it was a joy to have them around. They went above and beyond help and care. All worry and fear were removed on entering and leaving the clinic. The care from all the staff was beyond gold star! Thank you so much – You are the best.”

“Yesterday, day six after my left hip replacement, the local CLSC physio therapist visited for the first time. After five minutes of looking at me, he stated (twice) that, “in nine years of doing this job, I have not seen a recovery like this.” “You are effectively at the seven- or eight-week level.” Based on that, I thought that a progress update maybe interesting for you.
Operated on about noon last Tuesday. Only a cane on Wednesday and Thursday. Released Thursday about noon.
No opioids taken and down to a single Tylenol per dose on Friday and fully stopped any meds on Saturday. No cane on Saturday and since.
By Sunday, I could go up and down stairs with alternating steps (not required to lead with the operated leg). By Sunday, walking easily and went about three quarters of a kilometer. Nothing crazy but just not a problem. No pain whatsoever except for a couple of the physio exercises like touching my left foot to my right leg. The mild, stretching pain stops as soon as I move the foot back. Doing the physio three times per day.
The swelling at the hip has gone down almost completely and the bruising has been limited to the buttock area. (None on the legs, ankle, etc.)
I still feel the uneven leg but not concerned as I was fully warned that I would have this sense. It is definitely less than Friday.
For a 76 year old guy, I am in awe. I am now your number one marketing agent.”

Dear Mr. Martin St-Amour,

I am filled with joy and gratitude as I write this thank you letter following the hip replacement surgery I underwent two weeks ago, on August 26th. I would like to thank the Duval Orthopaedic Clinic for their excellent service before and after my surgery, for the exceptional medical care I received during my stay and for the thorough follow-up process I experienced afterwards.

As soon as I set foot in the clinic, I didn’t even have the time to fear the procedure! Everything happened so quickly, smoothly and professionally that even as I lied on the operating table prior to my surgery, not once did I experience a moment of fear! I want to thank the anesthesiologist, Dr. Rousseau, and the surgeon, Dr. Martin Lavigne for their excellent work. Please extend my thanks to every single member of your very skilled surgical team.

I enjoyed every aspect of my stay at the clinic: the admission process, the extremely comfortable room and the warm and professional care I was given. The nursing staff was attentive and considerate throughout my stay, providing kind and competent care while ensuring I remained comfortable at all times. Thank you for the beautiful and comfortable gown.

I greatly appreciated the physical therapist and the post-op exercises he had me perform to improve my mobility. Thank you for providing me with a document that included photos and simple step by step explanations for each exercise, and for giving me a copy of the pre-op and post-op protocol.

Thank you for the friendly service over the phone and thanks to the nurses who were in charge of pre-op and post-op care. They were quick to provide answers to my questions and were also a great help when I experienced some temporary inflammation, reassuring me by telling me that my prosthesis was extremely robust.

Considering that I was out of the hospital and walking one day after surgery, and that 13 days later, here I am moving around without a cane, I can honestly say that I am beyond happy and grateful to Dr. Martin Lavigne and to the professional and wonderfully devoted team from the Duval Orthopaedic Clinic.

Please accept my deepest appreciation and gratitude,
Mrs. LaVoie

OMG! What an amazing man. Competent, calm and compassionate. Dr. Kiss treats his patients like genuine human beings. Since he’s done such exceptional work, I’m now completely cured and will only be seeing him again in five years. Sniff! Sniff!

November 1, 2019


This doctor is a hidden gem, the best in the city by far. Seven months post op from a botched hip surgery of another orthopaedic surgeon in 2019…and I feel like I did 15 years ago, amazing. I went back to all the activities as before I had a hip replacement. Dr. Vendittoli is a gem of a human being – humble, and an expert in his field. Type in « best non-invasive orthopaedic surgeon in Montreal » and see who comes up: Dr. Pascal-André Vendittoli. That says it all.

February 20, 2022

Dr. Vendittoli is the best orthopedic surgeon in Montreal, trained in the most recent techniques. An expert in his field. A truly amazing man.

August 6, 2021

I had hip surgery in May 2021 and have been back golfing a month later. I’ve felt great from the moment the surgery was done. Thanks to Dr. Vendittoli and his incredible team. Professional, knowledgeable, and empathetic, Dr. Vendittoli is #1! I can’t say enough, except THANK YOU! You changed my life. 🤗

July 28, 2021

I had a hip replacement five weeks ago, at the age of 31. Every day since, I can feel my quality of life coming back more and more! Dr. Vendittoli is an absolute artist.

August 3, 2021

Thank you, thank you so much. A thousand times thank you! The surgery was a success! Dr. Martin Lavigne is a very warm doctor, very compassionate and so funny!!! He knows how to lighten the mood and help patients be comfortable, especially during stressful moments. I would recommend his services to all my friends. Thanks to him, I’ve never been a better golfer!!! Thank you for taking care of me.

January 17, 2022

I traveled to Montreal for my hip replacement and am so glad that I did. Dr. Lavigne was professional, kind and attentive… and cute too! My hip replacement was amazing, and I am on the mend. Dr. Lavigne is an excellent surgeon, I would recommend his services to anyone who needs help, especially with the long wait times of today. Thank you, Dr. Lavigne. I am so very grateful.

November 25, 2021

Dr. Martin Lavigne performed surgery on both of my hips five years ago and I can honestly say I haven’t felt better in years. Dr. Lavigne is a wonderful surgeon. Serious, yet reassuring. I’d recommend his services to anyone.

February 10, 2020

I was operated on by Dr. Kiss for the first time in December 2020. I’m seeing him again on March 7th for my other hip. Excellent surgeon, very compassionate and extremely professional.

February 27, 2022

I am speechless. He is one of the best surgeons. Thanks Dr. Kiss!

September 11, 2018

Dr. Massé performed a same-day THR on me when I was 52. If I had to grade him, he’d get a 100%. He’s compassionate, sensitive and incredibly professional. He took the time to hear my questions and answer them and reassured me right up until we got to the operating room. I may be 6′1″, but I get pretty skittish when it comes to surgery. I also wish to thank every member of his OR team for their professionalism and kindness.

July 23, 2021

I am now 89 years of age. Dr. Vincent Massé performed a total knee replacement on both my knees six, almost seven, years ago. Before my surgery, I couldn’t walk at all and since then, I feel absolutely wonderful. Dr. Massé is a rock star, plain and simple! He’s the best! Thank you, Dr. Vincent Massé.

August 31, 2020

Dr. Massé is a rock star in his field. On December 19, 2019, I went in for a total replacement surgery on my right knee. I had decided to buy myself a new knee for Christmas, so I could live fully and dance again. Dr. Massé is so kind and compassionate. He even visited twice while I was in the hospital. VERY IMPORTANT: Dr. Massé offers a new pain-free surgery protocol, and it truly is pain-free. I’m not sure the same can be said about other places. It’s been three weeks now and I’m doing great. No pain, just a little bit of soreness, but that’s it. I’m the one who received a Christmas miracle this year, thanks to him! You can read the article right here: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1442656/nouvelle-approche-operation-remplacement-hanche-genou?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

January 11, 2020

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