Information for patients who reside outside the province of Quebec, or at a significant distance from the Clinic

The Duval Clinic provides world-renowned orthopedic care to Canadian and International patients.

At the Duval Clinic, you have access to world-class orthopaedic surgeons who will help you get back on your feet and improve your quality of life. For more than 15 years, the Duval Clinic provides care to Canadians from coast to coast. We perform more than 1000 joint replacement surgeries per year.

Our team will provide you with the quality of care you deserve in your preferred language.

The Duval Clinic uses the most advanced technologies, including robotic surgery and has unique expertise, providing hip and knee replacement for younger and more active patients.

What the Duval Clinic offers:

Expert Team

Robot-Assisted Knee Replacement

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery

Quality of Care and Inpatient Beds with 24h/24h Nursing and Medical Care

How to get your hip or knee replacement at the Duval Clinic?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Orthopaedic Consultation

Book a virtual consultation with one of our surgeons to discuss your hip or knee problem. When you book your appointment, it is important to give us your full name, telephone number, email and full address so that one of our administrative assistants can contact you.

Click on this link to book an appointment.

1. Send us a RECENT X-RAY on CD or DVD. A link to download DICOM images is also accepted (ex. PocketHealth):

  • For hip replacement we need the view of your pelvis and affected hip. Here is an example of a radiographic prescription of the required views for your hip replacement.
  • For knee replacement, we need both knees antero-posterior (AP) view, a lateral knee view of the affected knee and a patellar skyline view of the affected knee. Here is an example of a radiographic prescription of the required views for your knee replacement.

You can show this prescription to help your general practitioner when filling out your form.

We also encourage you to send any other imaging exam available that could be relevant (ie. MRI, CT-scan, etc). Please include the radiologist report, do not send the MRI exam alone.

Send the radiographs to:
Case review Duval Orthopaedic Clinic
1487 des Laurentides Blvd.
Laval, Quebec
H7M 2Y3


2. Pay the consultation fee of $290 by Interac e-transfer to (answer to the question: Duval), by cheque to “Duval Orthopaedic Clinic”, or by credit card by contacting us.

As soon as we receive all the information, you will be given a phone/video appointment to discuss with one of our five surgeons. See their profiles here.

Step 2: Care Plan, Proposal, and Deposit

The surgery type is now confirmed, a detailed personalized care plan proposal will be sent to you, in addition to the cancellation fees policy.

To confirm your surgery booking, we will ask you to make a deposit of $2500 by Interac e-transfer to (answer to the question: Duval), by cheque to “Duval Orthopaedic Clinic”, or by credit card by contacting us.

Step 3: Medical Evaluation

To determine if you are a suitable candidate for surgical care in our facility, please send us the following information by courier

1 – Patient medical questionnaire. Please complete the medical questionnaire and ask your general practitioner to review it. We require information about all of your past medical and surgical records, current medication, allergies, tobacco and drug use, etc.

2 – General practitioner questionnaire. Please also include a full physical exam where your GP will note your weight, height, vital signs, health issue and the findings when he\she examined.

3 – Results of the following tests less than 3 months old:
• ECG at rest, including graph and interpretation by a cardiologist.
• Blood work lab including all of these exams:
– Glycemia
– Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c)
– Ferritin
– Electrolytes
– Creatinine
– PT / INR

-If the you have cardiac disease, please include a brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) blood test.

4 – Recent list of medication issued by your pharmacist, including over-the-counter medications and natural products. For example, any vitamins, supplements, aspirin, any anti-inflammatory drugs or other medication you are buying without prescription. Some medications may need to be ceased before surgery.

As soon as we receive all of the information, it will be rigorously evaluated by our team. You will be given a phone/video appointment to meet with our general practitioner if needed. If your condition allows for safe surgery and stay in our Clinic, a date for your surgery will be confirmed. Our priority is the well-being of our patients and the satisfaction of their needs.

Please send the information to:
Case review Duval Orthopedic Clinic
1487 des Laurentides Blvd.
Laval, Quebec
H7M 2Y3


Please use this check list to verify that you have completed all necessary tasks in step 3.

Step 4: Prepare Yourself for Surgery

Download the information booklet and start preparing for your surgery.

Bring this booklet with you when you come to the clinic, it will be a great tool to improve your recovery.

Find out about the consents required before coming to the clinic. You will sign these forms before the surgery.

Step 5: Organize your trip to Montreal. We are here to help.

Typical schedule when the date of surgery is known:

  • Book your flight to arrive at least 1-2 days ahead of the surgery day (date of surgery will be determined 3-4 weeks ahead of time).
  • Day before surgery, you need to meet the surgeon, general practitioner and the nurse, in person at the Clinic.
  • Night before surgery: sleep in a nearby hotel. There are a few hotels located within a short distance of the clinic (hotel list).
  • Morning of surgery: come to the Clinic (exact time will be communicated a few days ahead).
  • 1-3 days stay in our private acute and convalescence rooms.
  • The day you leave the Clinic, we recommend sleeping again in the hotel (1-2 days).
  • Return home on the days after clinic discharge (it is safe to fly after surgery, you will be given some blood thinners to prevent the possibility of a blood clot).
  • For more information on the risks associated with air travel after surgery, please read this pamphlet.

Step 6: Recovery at home

Carefully read all instructions included in your patient booklet.  This document contains answers to most of your questions and the best advice to optimize your recovery.
Before being discharged from the clinic, you will be given a blue folder that contains your prescriptions for medication, x-rays, physiotherapy and wound management. You will also receive your follow up appointment date and time.

For patients who reside outside of the province of Quebec, we suggest to:

  • Organize a follow up visit with your general practitioner around 10-12 days after your surgery.  They will remove your dressing and assess your wound healing. In doubt, they can call us anytime for assistance.
  • Follow the postoperative exercises included in your booklet or on the website  and get physiotherapy treatments at least twice a week. Some private physiotherapy clinics can offer teleconsultation and home services if you need more support.
  • Ask your general practitioner for prescription medication renewal, especially if you need additional tramadol or oxycodone.
  • Get the required equipment (walker, cane, booster seat, etc.) from a pharmacy or a specialized store.
  • Do your radiographs at least a week before your follow-up visit, 4-8 weeks after surgery.  At your convenience, this visit will be over the phone or in person.  If your appointment is over the phone, please send your radiographs either by mail or by download link, 1 week before the appointment date.

We are looking forward to helping you get back on your feet. Please contact us at any time if you require advice.

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The Duval Orthopaedic Clinic is a private organization that provides personalized surgical care for hip and knee joint replacement. The Clinic’s mission is to provide the highest standard of orthopaedic care in Canada. Its physicians use state-of-the-art surgical techniques and innovative post-operative care protocols. The Duval Clinic holds a specialized medical center license issued by the Minister of Health and Social Services and is accredited with honours (highest distinction) by Accreditation Canada, a pan-Canadian organization that evaluates the quality and safety of health care.