By: Clinique Orthopédique Duval

While the surgery is the trickiest part of the total hip replacement process, the recovery period is crucial to the success of the operation as a whole. Your habits and behaviors after the surgery cannot be understated, as they will set the tone for your recovery. Here at Duval Orthopedic Clinic, we are committed to providing you with the best surgical care, in addition to staying present throughout your healing process, so you receive the optimal final results.

Here are 4 quick tips for a successful recovery after a total hip replacement:

1. Exercise

Exercise is absolutely necessary for a proper recovery. We recommend engaging in a regular exercise routine before your operation, as to prepare your mind and your body for the post-op rehabilitation. Duval Orthopedic Clinic has a fully-staffed in-house rehabilitation center to help you learn and practice the exercises once you are out of surgery. These exercises will help promote healing and prevent blood clots by increasing blood flow.

2. Position modifications

After your surgery, you should be cautious not to put undue pressure on your legs. This means you will need to avoid bending 90 degrees, twisting your legs, or crossing your legs. Always use a steady support to stand up from a seated position, and sit in supportive seats that aren’t too low to the ground. When lying down, use a pillow to support the legs. Place it between your thighs if lying on your back, and between your knees when lying on your side.

3. Safe environment

It is important to prepare your home for your return before you go in for surgery. Preparing a “recovery room” on the ground floor will ensure you avoid potentially dangerous trips up and down the stairs, and arrange that your bathroom and kitchen necessities remain within reach to avoid unnecessary movement.

4. Time

It’s essential that you actually give yourself time to recover post-op. Plan to take time off from work and arrange for someone else to get your groceries and care for your pets during the time it takes to fully recover. Physical rest gives your body time to recuperate, and mental rest will do you good, too!

Rest assured that if you have your operation at Duval Orthopedic Clinic, the doctor will review all these tips and more with you to ensure your total comfort with the operation and with your full convalescence.