The question ‘how long will a joint replacement last?’ is frequently asked by patients — up until now, specialists had limited information to share. However, thanks to two recent studies, doctors can now offer patients some reassuring news: 3% of patients that have undergone a total hip replacement with a ceramic prosthetic require a second surgery after 21 years, and 82% of total knee replacements last 25 years.

Knee and hip replacement surgeries are usually considered the last stage of treatment for osteoarthritis. The goal of the surgery is to relieve pain and improve the function of the joint. However, replacements do not last forever. The length of time a patient has before requiring a second surgery is of unique importance to their quality of life.

Hip replacement surgery:
A 2020 study led by Duval Clinic’s Dr. Vendittoli (et. al.) shows that a ceramic hip replacement is superior to a traditional metal replacement. Only 3% of patients who had this type of hip replacement needed a second surgery after 21 years. Ceramic replacements are scratch-resistant, and they reduce the risk of osteolysis and late prosthetic dislocation. Because of these features, ceramic hip replacements are preferred, especially for patients that hope to return to an active lifestyle.

Knee replacement surgery:
How long a knee replacement will last is a major consideration for many patients. A 2019 study stated that being able to anticipate the outcome of a total knee replacement, in the long run, allows the doctor and patient to make an informed plan for their future health care. Unfortunately, knee replacements can fail for several reasons including loosening, infection, persistent pain, and instability. However, This study offers a clear and optimistic answer to a primary concern of many patients: the majority of total knee replacements last 25 years.

The results of these studies present an optimistic future for patients who require knee and hip replacements. The long-term success of this surgery allows patients to return to and build an active life. The surgeons at Duval clinic, specialize in both knee and hip surgeries, and in some cases, are responsible for leading other surgeons across Canada in mastering new techniques. In addition, Duval Orthopaedic Clinic is the only private clinic in Quebec that has integrated robotic assistance into its practice, demonstrating the advanced level of expertise of its surgical team.

A knee or hip replacement surgery is a big decision and it is important to be well informed. If you have questions or concerns, please call our clinic.