Personalized Arthroplasty
Joint degeneration is something that 1 in 8 Canadians will experience. The cartilage that protects and cushions the connections between our bones wears down over time. Unfortunately, this can cause discomfort and sometimes unmanageable pain. After options like medication and physiotherapy have been exhausted, most people turn to joint replacement surgery. Arthroplasty, or joint replacement surgery, is our specialty at Duval Orthopedic Clinic.

Although hip and knee replacement are considered successful surgeries, non-negligible rates of residual symptoms, poor joint perception, and complications remain. Unsatisfactory clinical outcomes are primarily the consequence of non-physiological prosthetic joint biomechanics, arising from traditional systematic surgical implantation. This traditional approach neglects the unique joint anatomy and kinematics of each individual. One solution to these problems is customized joint replacement surgery.

What is personalized arthroplasty?
Personalized arthroplasty is a novel approach to joint replacement surgery that reproduces the patient’s native anatomy and physiological joint laxity. This means that the procedure is tailored to each patient’s unique body structure. The goal is to provide the patient with a feeling in the joint that is natural and easy to forget about.

How does it compare to the traditional method?
The traditional technique for hip and knee implant surgeries involved a streamlined process that prioritized simplification and reliability. The joint replacement materials and the surgical approach were largely the same for all patients. Although this offered pain relief for many people, the ‘one size fits all’ approach did not have the same success rate for every patient.

In the quest to offer our patients a natural feeling hip and knee joint replacement, we needed to move away from the traditional approach, and try to offer a personalized joint replacement, which aims to restore each patient’s unique physiology. This represents an epistemological rupture, or a paradigm shift, from systematic to personalized surgery.

How can Duval Orthopedic Clinic help?
The surgeons and healthcare professionals at Duval Orthopedic Clinic are always up to date with best practices and the latest technology. Our surgeon, Dr Vendittoli, is an international expert in this field. He is president of The Personalized Arthroplasty Society. (Read more here:

For knee joint replacement, we use computer-assisted and robotic surgery. For total hip replacement, we promote the use of anatomical heads that allow unrestricted activities after surgery. By offering you personalized surgery, we hope to give you the quality of life you expect – a life unencumbered by joint pain.

If you have any questions or concerns about joint replacement surgery, or any other procedure, please contact us here: