We are proud to announce that on Monday February 1st, 2021, we successfully performed our first of two total knee replacements with a surgical robot. Duval Clinic has acquired Zimmer’s ROSA surgical robot to further optimize joint replacements surgeries which advances the arthroplasty techniques we use at the clinic. Zimmer’s ROSA Robot is an addition to our range of technical tools — it is another key that will allow us to provide each of our patients with the highest quality care.

What is the technology?
The ROSA Knee System is a tool that assists surgeons during knee replacement surgery. The robotics system integrates a pre-operative plan which is personalized for each patient, based on his or her anatomy. This technology offers a real time evaluation of the tissues surrounding the knee in order to achieve the best possible result. The ROSA Knee System also makes it possible to preview the results of bone cuts before they are made and to make adjustments during the procedure. These various technological improvements result in superior surgical precision and execution.

Dr. Massé, a specialist in knee and hip surgeries here at Duval, is also an expert in robotics. He reminds his patients that, “robotics in no way replaces the surgeon, who remains in control of the operation, but it gives the information the surgeon needs to make better decisions and perform even more precise gestures.” Although robotics are an important advancement in technology and medicine, Dr. Massé says, “the experience and dexterity of the clinic’s surgeons remain the most essential element.”

How will this technology improve the patient experience?
The benefits of integrating this new technology into a knee replacement procedure are vast. It allows for a more precise reproduction of the individual’s anatomy (personalized surgery) and thus promotes a faster resumption of daily activities, minimizes the risk of residual pain and offers a more natural joint.

Duval Orthopaedic Clinic has always made sure to use the latest technological tools at its disposal in the field of computer-assisted surgery to ensure an optimal level of care and precision. As Dr. Massé points out, “currently, studies seem to show an easier, faster recovery with less postoperative pain. Satisfaction levels seem to be higher in patients operated on with robotic devices.”

Duval Orthopaedic Clinic is the first private orthopaedic clinic in Canada to perform joint replacement procedures using a surgical robot and we are very proud of it. For more information about this new technology, please do not hesitate to give us a call.