By: Clinique Orthopédique Duval

Alliance for Arthritis in Canada (AAC) have published on October 27 last their report entitled « Impact of arthritis in Canada : to-day and for the next 30 years ». It says that more than 4,4 millions Canadians have osteoarthritis and that such figure should increase to 10 millions in 30 years. That chronical disease means heavy consequences for all Canadians in terms of health care and cost.

We must act right now in order to fight arthritis. 4 ways of doing so have been identified : to facilitate access to hip and knee arthroplasties, to reduce the rate of obesity, to find a strategy for controling the suffering linked with the disease and implement ways and means, sure and not too costly, to diagnose and for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

For 10 years the Duval Orthopaedic Clinic have been active in facilitating the access to arthroplasties connected with the hip and the knee. They endorse the stand taken by the experts of AAC. Do not hesitate to read their report.