Duval Orthopedic Clinic is now an organization « Accredited with Commendation » by the Qmentum accreditation program of Accreditation Canada. We are proud of this achievement.

The accreditation status means to be distinguished among Canadian health institutions for patient safety and superior quality in health services. It also means a memorable day in the history of our clinic, devoted as we are to provide the best possible ways and means for securing care to our patients. Il also entails legal obligations for a private clinic as ours that is operating under a permit from the « Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux » Law 33.

Since 1958 Accreditation Canada is a corporation of the utmost importance for the betterment of quality and safety in health care. Not-for-profit and free from government intervention, they are respected not only in Canada but around the world. They set up standards called Required Organizational Practices (ROP) which are established to mitigate risks and improve the quality and safety of health services. Those ROP cover the whole field of health care in view of more safety, communication, use of medication, working conditions, preventing infection, risk assesment. ROP are regularly reviewed and updated with the help of experts that includes practitioners, researchers and health service providers at the provincial/territorial and national levels.

With such an accreditation Duval Orthopedic Clinic is granted an official recognition of the broad and up to date vision in search of innovative and safe practices for patients who need hip surgery or knee surgery. Our unique leadership in Canada makes of us a valid element in view of the coming increase in years to come for orthopedic care everywhere in our country.

For additional information, please go to: www.accreditation.ca

Dr Nicolas Duval