Clinique Duval is proud to have received full accreditation with “Honourable Mention” from Accreditation Canada. This achievement is due to the collaboration between the former team led by Dr. Duval and Dr. Lavoie and the new owners, Dr. Kiss, Dr. Lavigne, Dr. Massé, Dr. Vendittoli and Martin St-Amour, who continue to pursue the clinic’s mission while demonstrating excellence, dedication, and leadership.

Accreditation Canada is an independent, not-for-profit organization that sets standards of excellence and evaluates health care services against them to improve the quality of patient care.

Patients will be reassured to know that, by achieving the highest level of accreditation, Clinique Duval maintains the highest standards at all levels. In other words, the Clinic demonstrates that it is fully committed and responsible to the safety and well-being of its patients and team members. Patients enjoy many benefits when they receive health care from an accredited facility. Accreditation has been shown to improve patient outcomes, mitigate risk, foster a culture of quality and safety, and ensure better communication. It also helps optimize resource allocation and efficiency.

Thanks to the vast experience and expertise of our nursing staff and our surgeons, anesthetists, respiratory therapists, and physiotherapists specializing in joint replacement, we exclusively offer knee and hip surgeries.

Clinique Duval was founded in 2002 and remains the only fully private clinic in the country dedicated to hip and knee replacement surgery. It is dedicated to delivering optimal results to its patients on an ongoing basis and is proud to remain the Canadian benchmark in private hip and knee healthcare.