We are proud to publish the new web site for Duval Orthopaedic Clinic. Such web site does include all the necessary elements required in order to give an appropriate picture of our clinic.

The above articles provide information to you about our vocation and the practioneers operating with us. Pictures of our clinic are a complement to this introduction.

The article on the surgeries gives all the practical information for anyone wishing to be operated at our clinic. Such information is of interest before the surgery, for the surgery and after. A good note for that is the accompanying videos showing operating techniques applied in our operating rooms by our orthopaedic surgeons. All our services are intended to your benefit.

Accessories aids listed identify our main partners permitting to fer to all our patients quality services in a secure setting.

Our site exhibits actualities and make it something inspiring. Each month the editorial bulletin will be there to present some scientific data, news and acknowledgments and also jobs available. We would like here to underline our implication in community life.

You will find a paragraph with practical information, how to reach us, how to come to our place and where to stay at hotels near our clinic.

Duval Orthopaedic Clinic is the only one of its kind in the province of Quebec and in Canada. It enjoys a particular status in the overall health picture as a private clinic. Come and visit our web site and you will be convinced.

We are waiting for you.

Dr Nicolas Duval

Dr Pauline Lavoie